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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Are we going to let him in CSFTA when he comes to the region Andy?

I suppose he'll have to qualify for the team, so it might not be a problem anyway... but can you imagine all the SEFTA twittering if he didn't make the team? Singing? You'd hear them crowing on the Isle!

Rob, he will have to do his best like the rest of us. Maybe he might be humbled by the regions winter league shooters if he decides to retire. As they say its not given that anyone will qualify for representing the region, we all have to work for it.

I think that the Isle is holding the Showdown again Rob, working on doing 3 courses to make things interesting for those who will shoot it and the field will be in use in a slightly different way. See you on the 18th at your place.
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