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Originally Posted by NJR
Being obese I find uphill sitting shots a disabilitating shot, i cant breath, and that is in all seriousness. If you remember i shot half of B/Gwent last summer sitting and then had to take the rest kneeling as it was too uncomftable for me. However, the answer to my problem is fortunatley in my own hands and indeed i have managed to loose some weight over the last week. Not the same problem as the one in question granted, but it is a problem![/COLOR]

So your saying that as you same as myself are overweight we have a disability??? Thats a new excuse fella. Im overweight and shoot as many courses as anyone else, they do get uncomfortable on times but I dont bistch about it do I, just think if you had to shoot 50 shots or all the shots you take in some sort of discomfort or pain due to being disabeld, but like myself we dont have that issue do we Simon...

I dont think i have come across any shooters i would question using the disability rules, however going back to Ians origianl point i think its when someone wins a Gp etc by virtue of a sitting shot that people may feel its not been a fair shoot? We have had a simular situation in our own region, before the Bfta rules were introduced

The BFTA rules were in place when the said incident was happening in our region and that is why it was dealt with within OUR region not for anyone or everyone to have a go at or stick their points on Simon.....!!!!!

Bfta meeting may well have it on the agenda, but again for me it should only be Gp shooters that decide on rules that effect Gp/major shoots, going back to OP

Simon, you gt the GP shooters there and I will be happy fella. I have tried by asking the lads who build the courses to attend etc but never get any backing. Due to trying for the last couple of years and getting the same response well I aint trying anymore, if you want to try then be my guest as I hope they do turn up for that and to air their views as well...

Shall see what today brings?
I wonder how it will go today when you do try out the positions as well fella...

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