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Default Open forum etc etc

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I dont really see any thing wrong with putting it in an open forum?
Its braught many views, which may need to be looked at.

It would be a farce Berty if all the shooters turned up for a Bfta meeting.
Been discusing it elsewhere, but whats needed in my opinion when it comes to Gp rules, is a sub committee of gp shpooters only, not via regionas where non gp shpooters are voting on Gp rules.

I for one, am looking forward to trying the disabled positions later today at tondu. When i and hopefully oters of varying classes, c, b a + aa have tried them, we will have a balanced opinion of the curent rules?

You didnt get what I said, I have no issues over using an open forum but if there is a problem in a specific region then they should deal with it there first. Do you understand me now???

Regarding BFTA meetings, there are enough people who have points on here about things and have their say about things but when we go to meetings these points are never mentioned?? Why, I forwarded alot of points etc at this years meetings and they were discussd, wasnt hard to put them forward was it.....

Dont you think I have tried to get more GP competitiors at the mettings to put their point across, people are just not interested as they feel it is a waste of their day. Its YOUR sport were discussing how can it be a wasted day........

With yourself trying the disabled positions I can see where your coming from but do you have any disabilities yourself?? I dont think so, if for example TonyF who has Osteoarthritis in his spine neck etc then he will be in pain throughout the course, I understand completely if someone is playing the rules to suit themselves that is wrong and Id be the first to say something. For the genuine persons who do have disabilities then I cant see the issue with the current rules that have been put in place by th BFTA with shooters who do have disabilities actually there.......

It seems as though people want to segregate persons with disabilities just as they have an issue with 1 person or maybe 2 people that they feel do not hav a genuine disability??? If this is the case then that person should be spoken to and asked to show proof etc if this could be done.

I would say that this issue should be brought up at a BFTA meeting to be discussed and not put up on here for anyone to comment on by people who dont compete in FT. As you know as I have said about this many times before the persons who have this issue forward this onto their regional rep and have it discussed at the meeting, if for instance it is Ian Taylor, then I feel it would be best for Ian to also attend the meeting to discuss better why he has brought this particular point up. That is the bst way for this to be dicussed better.... Just me thoughts on that bit......

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