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The problem with the doc's note is that cost aside, they will err on the side of caution... i know one shooter who years after the injury is still awaiting an assessment on what can be done physically and what can't. Although they are not signed off work because they work in an office, the 20 or so painkillers that some days do not enable upright walking might indicate physical labour as not being on the cards.

I'm just not sure how it can be done. Finding a balance between enabling those who do as much as they can and those that want to avoid as much as they can is very difficult.

As much as I don't like to see people take advantage, I am reminded that for some, although they may be able to accomplish the sport to some degree, it may be one of the few sports they can. I am also reminded that some elect not to shoot the alternative, even though they should. Limited ability brings on other problems, especially with stock setup.

It is tough though... for a while I knew a 10m league that could not be won because the top 2-3 were disabled, and putting in scores that would have them winning the olympics, and with regular occurance.

I don't know what is done in 10m ISSF, but I can find out. But i suspect that it could open up more cans. I suspect the advice of a doctor looking at the standing position would be that it should not be done with any injury at all, or by a junior, and probably not by anyone not using a jacket. I don't say that lightly (knowing they are controversial), but there have been a few examples of no jacket 10m shooting at least being stopped because of injury, either caused or revealed. I know we're only talking 4-6 shots, but on the racks...?

I am not sure that either classes would work, or that it would ever be equal, or if it is, not for everyone... Perhaps if this is down to a rogue shooter or two, then they need to be looked at rather than the majority?
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