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Originally Posted by TonyF View Post
It saddens me to think that fully abled shooters think that the "approved" BFTA disabled Kneeling and Standing positions give shooters a major advantage.

Trust me this is not the case, I helped develop the disabled positions and the photos on the BFTA website are of me.

Before my severe osteoarthritis took over my joints, spine and neck, I was able to shoot kneelers in the normal way, (and was pretty good at them), even managed to become the SWEFTA Champion in 2006.

However, in recent years I cannot kneel any longer and it was the late Dave Baines who showed me the positions which have subsequently been approved by the BFTA as giving no advange or disadvantage to the shooter.

Before each shoot I have to have my card signed by the chief marshal to enable me to use the disabled kneeling position but I still do my standing shots as normal (missing most though because I can't really take the weight of the rifle any longer). However, with great difficultly and lots of pain killers I struggle around the course trying to do my best. I'm not a bad shot, but believe me I would be much better without all my problems.

I am registered disabled and carry a Doctor's letter with me at all shoots that say's I cannot kneel. I just cannot believe that fully abled bodied shooters have to winge all the time that there is an advantage by using the disabled positions ..... it is just NOT true.

I would love to go round the course without all my pain as I used to do not that many years ago! Infact after a shoot, I am so bl**dy stiff it usually take me 2 or 3 days to recover, but I enjoy shooting so much I have to put up with the pain.

What Miss England said earlier in this thread is true, so please don't try and exclude people that are not fully abled from our sport, we all just want to enjoy it as best we can!
Here Here Tony, I agree with your and Miss Englands comments as my wife (Debbie) has to shoot kneelers in the disabled position..and again she would love to come off a course not acking from hip pain..Its that bad that when she competed in the hft worlds last year Debbie shot the whole course for 2 days Standing as she cannot kneel or shoot in the prone position..but she still enjoyed the shoot...and thats all that matters...Karl & Debbie Clarke
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