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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Hasn't been cured in ISSF or other sports, so can't see it happening here. It's why there is the para-olympics as a seperate event, not because there is a disadvantage, but because in some sports (like 100m sprint) there is a benefit gained by the technology used that enables the disabled to participate. Same in 10m. The scores prove it.

Classes dont work 100% for the very same reason, because the level or type of disability alters the ability, or it's solution does. Numbers are also needed, otherwise the competitor has a very small field to compete against.

There is the same problem in every sport. Either you have inclusion with possible advantage, or you classify the disability, and then have very small classes, possibly of one.

I think kneelers in FT aren't that difficult once you get the knack, and favour the flexible. You could make kneelers harder, more simple to rule, and more level for all, by simply alllowing only the elblow point to touch the leg. No fore-arm at all. Difficult, because even the 3p boys use a sling. That would be more difficult for everyone.

It's the standers that are perhaps the problem...?
Like the point about only allowing the elbow touch the knee so next time we ar at Newbury and i am on the level and the target is 30 feet below my feet will there be a suitable steel plate to richochet my pellet off to get it down to the target
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