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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
I would like to know if we have moved forward with the disabled shooting rules for the 2011 season or are heads still in the sand. NEFTA discussed this at great length and decided the best route would be to have a seperate class for the disabled shooter,This problem needs to be sorted before we get to a point of no return.Once a major open is won by someone taking there discipline shots sitting down the sport is finished.
The "disabled" positions are misleading as they should really be termed "alternative" I am only 32 and cannot kneel due to back and hip joint issues that cannot be resolved. I used to perform the kneeling shots in the kneeling position and have only had to use the alternative since my problems flared up. Therefore I have experianced both positions and once both are mastered both offer the same stability/instability. There is only one point of support on the one leg with wrists being unsupported, so the alternative position does not give any added support, in fact your body is less tight and together as you have to have your non supporting leg clear and out to the side so it is clearly not giving support.

I have only had one person be funny with my position when kneeling, but once it was explained he was fine.... All other shooters I have spoken to (ranging from World, Uk, Regional Champions, life long shooters, instructers, coaches and general competitors) have no issues with my alternative position, none of which have stated that I am gaining any advantages.....

I resent some shooters assuming I have an advantage as I use an alternative position. I never saught the alternative, but was advised of it by top graded and experianced shooters. It certainly does not give me any advantage, but I also do not need to be put in a "disabled" class as I am capable of competeing with all mainstream shooters. Segregation is not the answer and would push people away from the competitions as why should an alternative but equally supportive/unsupportive position mean we should be shunted in to a "feel sorry for them disabled" class......

Practice is all that is needed in all positions. You could argue that the sitting position where the arms are around both knees to shoot gives more support than shooting with the gun resting on the knee..... To me this is petty, but along the same lines...... It is a different position to the classed norm and in this case does actually provide a more solid base but you dont see people being put into a different class from the main for using the alternative position......

People feel threatened by someone taking an alternative position mainly due to people being un informed about the positions and the fact that it does not give any advantage, but allows shooters who are unable to kneel no Dis Advantage.

I dont mean to rant but I am not an elderly person, nor am I the sort of person to want to compete with any advantage.... I do not find any advantage with the position and it upsets me to think people would think I am for lack of better terms "cheating". I work hard on all my positions and have issues with all..... I can easily provide proof of my back and hip issues, but its not something I shout from the roof tops because all I want to do is shoot, learn, compete and improve.....
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