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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Tondu FTC member 1990+ 91, Shooting a Nick Jenkings tuned / set up Njr100 + 6-20 Luep, if I say so myself i was an ok shot then. That was until I got a stunning blonde girlfriend so that was the end of that.

The blonde left me but thats goos news as i met the wife and she dont mind me shooting! Even better, she does not want to come!

Re-joined Tondu complete with Ev2 +big nikko in 2006 and did my first gp in some 15 years at Tawd Vale within weeks. Cleaed the first 10 and then hit 7 out of the next 40.

Managed to find a nice "Nick Murpy" NJR 100 and been shooting it since winter 2006, enjpoying the challenge shooting a vintage gun brings. All the poofs with their new guns should be docked 10 targets if you ask me!

Dont mind helping out, cant stand courses where there is little or no effort put in, Will say what i think and try to provide the answer.

Always think having photos to talk about the "old" days is a good idea.


see not all brilliant at start simon??
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