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Originally Posted by Miss England View Post
Saturday shoots would be great..... I imagine could get a good attendance.... I certainly would go, especially through the summer.... Extra practice always a bonus.....

Would depend on numbers tho.... and those willling to help with set up and closedown..... Realistically it does not take long with all hands on deck.....

Also for those that dont want to do comps where they have to travel, club comps are a great idea, a little healthy competition between club members is always good fun. Also comps at clubs, speaking from experiance can encourage shooters to branch out to the winter leagues and even GP's once the bug for competeing is caught.... Also gain experiance in shooting comp style...

Those who give a hangover as an excuse.... poor poor excuse.....

Plus good added revenue for smaller clubs.....

I give a BIG thumbs up for more Saturday Shoots.....
Can only agree Miss England but its always the same faces setting the course out and taking it down!! At our club we have comp's every Saturday always a short FT course and another along side sometimes Pistols sometime bench rest, sometimes 10m standing.
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