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Robf may be right, maybe all the petitions in the world will not change the stance of the DICTATORS we have in power in this country.

Democracy is only a word bandied about in an attempt to fool most of the people into thinking that they actually have a say in what is and is not allowed in their country. More fool them. We have NEVER had a true democracy in this country and NEVER WILL. If the will of the people were to be listened to we would have stricter sentences for violent crimes, possibly even capital punishment for murder. The Englishman would be able to protect his home, Imigration issues would be a thing of the past etc etc etc. As it is we are DICTATED to by idiots who have weazled their way into positions of power by false promises and outright lies.

So, yes Rob, you may be right, but if we don't continue to try, we will only have ourselves to blame when we are legislated into oblivion.
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