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Originally Posted by bigboab View Post
Hi there,

was just looking for a rough valuation for some things as I am think about giving up FT due to family stuff I just don't have enough to for FT and HFT at the moment.

I have a daystate grand prix which has been to daystate for the updated electrics and also the more reliable new chrono which is all in excellent condition.

A MEC three position butt hook with plate and all fixings.

Mk1 big nikko with very little use, no play in the sidewheel and great range finder, with sunshade, taylor fish tail, top turret and pointer. Sportsmatch high mounts with taylor raiser blocks. Come with original box and
screw on covers.

Hammerli ar20ft mint condition hardley been used still in box with filler and scope rail and MTC viper 10x44 with medium Sportsmatch mounts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers Robert
I just sold my GP for 1100 Robert it was number 0098 and mint condition but never had the butt hook like yours.
I had a great deal of interest in it and could have sold it easily many times over.
I was also offered a lot of trade in deals so if you were prepared to do that I'm sure it would go no problem.

Big Nikko 350?

MTC viper 100

Hammerli - I have no idea

You are keeping the other Daystate aren't you?
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