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The Devolution of sub 12 FPE air rifles is still very much on the card.

The original Calman Report wanted total control over Firearms devolving to Scotland. This was turned down point blank by Westminster. The Calman Report was then modified to just request control over sub 12 FPE rifles (6 FPE pistols). The SNP in Holyrood agreed. Wishart was trying to move an amendment to again get control of all firearms legislation. Geoffry Clifton-Brown was putting forward an amendment from BASC that no legislation was devolved. Both amendments failed and the original clause stood.

This can yet be changed as passage of the Bill continues.

If Wishart had got his way it looked like there would not be a gun left in Scotland.
As it is, it does look like the control of lower powered airguns will be transferred to Scotland and there is no way they will not use this new power.

Unfortunately it's looking like at best Scottish airgunners will have more hoops to jump through.

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