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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Thanks to all that put on the event yesterday. very well run and set up.

Now I have spent the last couple of weeks calling it the Shrugshoulders shoot, little did i know its what it would become!

top shooting from Mr.M. in the Am session, i was 3 down after 10!

Wish i had shot Am now as although there was a good wind, at least it went one way lol.

Honestly honestly Mr.P i could not find a pasties tent there. Found a pork pie one?

Will be back hopefully next year and think will make it a family day out? Small Gamefair but enjoyable.

Just rying to work out how badly I did in the Pm session.

So, were these shooters Am or Pm session ?? Any help with thanks.

Mark Charlton MILLRIDE 20578 24 86%
Darren Tomes MILLRIDE 20885 23 82%
Mark Andrew Fisher CASTLE 21365 23 82% PMAdam Walsh GREYHOUND 21565 23 82%
Terry Southern PURLEY CHASE 20048 22 79%
Peter Moore FAR COLEY 20231 22 79%
Marc Asbury MILLRIDE 21103 22 79%
Anthony Johnson CASTLE 21291 21 75%
Dean Burfoot HARRIERS 21095 21 75% PMWilliam Baskeyfield FAR COLEY 21347 21 75%
Eddie Pritchard-Williams PURLEY CHASE 20617 21 75%
Graeme Fisher DOWRY HILL 21262 21 75% PMJason Jones MILLRIDE 21091 21 75%
John Cox MILLRIDE 20321 20 71%
Dave Harrison FAR COLEY 20003 20 71%
Peter Rowley CASTLE 20812 20 71%
Dave Griffiths GREYHOUND 21564 20
I know those were PM.

Thanks to all who settup and organise the courses/event throughout the season, so that folk like me can turn up and shoot and have an enjoyable. Your time and effort is much appreciated.
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