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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Thanks to all that put on the event yesterday. very well run and set up.

Now I have spent the last couple of weeks calling it the Shrugshoulders shoot, little did i know its what it would become!

top shooting from Mr.M. in the Am session, i was 3 down after 10!

Wish i had shot Am now as although there was a good wind, at least it went one way lol.

Honestly honestly Mr.P i could not find a pasties tent there. Found a pork pie one?

Will be back hopefully next year and think will make it a family day out? Small Gamefair but enjoyable.

Just rying to work out how badly I did in the Pm session.

So, were these shooters Am or Pm session ?? Any help with thanks.

Mark Charlton MILLRIDE 20578 24 86% am

Darren Tomes MILLRIDE 20885 23 82% am
Mark Andrew Fisher CASTLE 21365 23 82% pm
Adam Walsh GREYHOUND 21565 23 82% am
Terry Southern PURLEY CHASE 20048 22 79% am
Peter Moore FAR COLEY 20231 22 79% am
Marc Asbury MILLRIDE 21103 22 79% am
Anthony Johnson CASTLE 21291 21 75% am
Dean Burfoot HARRIERS 21095 21 75% am
William Baskeyfield FAR COLEY 21347 21 75% amEddie Pritchard-Williams PURLEY CHASE 20617 21 75% am
Graeme Fisher DOWRY HILL 21262 21 75% am
Jason Jones MILLRIDE 21091 21 75% am
John Cox MILLRIDE 20321 20 71% am
Dave Harrison FAR COLEY 20003 20 71% pm
Peter Rowley CASTLE 20812 20 71% am
Dave Griffiths GREYHOUND 21564 20

does this help all high scores caqme from am matey
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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