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Did they already ban handguns?
Is it policed?

Is there a current legal limit of 12ftlbs for Air weapons in England?
Is it policed?
Do we have anti-tamper?
If the answer to all the above is YES then why couldn't they:
A). Ban all air weapons and police it in the same way as the handgun ban?
B). Set the legal limit to 2ftlbs and police it in the same way as the 12ftlb limit?
C). Enforce Anti-Tamper and make its removal an offence which gets a Fixed penalty notice and criminal record awarded to the person found with the gun and maybe even treat it like construction & use offences, where both the person found carrying/using the air weapon, as well as its owner get fined.

Police cars carry Breath test kits that cost hundreds of pounds each, why couldn't they carry a Combro 625b @ 40 a pop, even less if police forces bought them in bulk. You may say that it would be too onerous to keep them certified but would it? there are all sorts of speed detecting devices that need to be kept calibrated, certified speedometers in cars, Scamra Vans, Police Pilot, Truvello, Hand-Held radar guns, also Breathalysers, would adding a Combro to the list really be that big a deal.

Then EVERY air rifle/pistol seen on the street could be seized, tested, destroyed if over 2ftlb. A fixed penalty notice offence could be created whereby say a 100 on the spot fine could be awarded.

They would hold an amnesty where we would all be invited to surrender our air weapons. They would then steal them from us, hold an auction in other European countries where air weapons are still legal and make a shed load of money from their sale. Those of us, (and I'm sure there would be a few) that failed to surrender them would keep them very hush-hush and away from prying eyes, (I'm sure there are some people who still hold handguns in clandestine circumstances) but heaven help them if for whatever reason they come to light. In the main it would keep them off the streets, well out of the hands of reasonable folks and like all other types of banned or prohibited gun, only the criminals would have them

This is NOT what I want to see, It's just that every time I read comments like "they wouldn't be able to ban air weapons" etc it makes me think "why" it would be all too easy if they really wanted to.
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