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Default Oh Yeah ?

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The "Warden" has been a great old gun ever since i baught it, Many times I have shot it and thaught it was actually better then the Pope which is Njr top gun.
The only real fault was the huge air consumption and loss of air over a couple pf days.

Anyway, the very clever Mr.Ostler has his hands on it and is repairing.

Turns out my initial thaughts were correct, the Warden is another Nick Murphy gun with Reg as the POPE is.

Turns out the leak was something to do with the hammer area. Its being sorted? So hope to have it back next week and in full working order. Will stick the Sr6 back on perhaps and have a go a sweftas Hft with it initially? May then find a mk4 for it?

Look out Holly, this one is the best of the lot???

And like the others, it works for God
Best of the lot hey ? i bought a 20+50 to go on my new shutz ( berty ) BUT i am getting twitchy now to shoot my GC2 . so i may just put it on the Geecer and take you on with that ??? HOLLY
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