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Scores and grading in SWEFTA is my job this year, as it was last year. It's not an easy one either.

Alec is in a very unfortunate position. I wouldn't have commented here but as he has brought it to the public domain it's appropriate in my view that this extract of the rules should be stated; the full rules are on the SWEFTA website.

"It is compulsory to hand in scorecards, regardless of whether the full course of fire has been
completed or not. The only exceptions to this are if for medical reasons, the competitor is no
longer able to continue. Or if, due to mechanical breakdown it is not longer possible for a
competitorís rifle to be discharged. Shooters not handing in their cards will be credited with 1

Cards when handed in must be marked in ink, not pencil. Any mistakes, such as marking the
wrong target or the wrong card, shall be corrected in such a way that the original mistake is
still clear to be seen, but leaving no doubt as to the correct marking. Alterations should be
witnessed by a third party signing adjacent to the correction.

Defaced cards, or cards that prevent proper audit of corrections will be treated as not handed
in and credited with 1 hit. "

We brought this in at the 2010 AGM with 100% support and no abstentions as we had seen a number of instances where cards had been altered, scores even rubbed out and changed, with no way of auditing what was the real score. Frankly the old system was open to abuse. When you have a card - not one of Alec's - where eight resuts have been changed from a miss to a hit, and never one changed from a hit to a miss, you begin to have thoughts that all is not well. The third party witness was brought in to guard against the risk of collusion between shooters.

On Sunday, in Alec's case, neither he nor his buddy marked target 40 on Alec's card. So the card has 32 Xs on it, seven Os, and a blank. Sadly the blank wasn't spotted either by Alec or his buddy, nor by the stats office.

Another shooter put in a card with 31 Xs on it, nine Os, the buddy added it up to 32 and put 32 in the final score box. That was a mistake. Do I let that stand? Is the buddy the final arbiter? No, I have to correct it.

I'm not going to get into a public debate on this as that won't solve anything. However I wanted the relevant aspect of the rules to be made widely known.

There is absolutely no hint or suggestion that Alec or his buddy were behaving inappropriately and I know him to be a chap of integrity and total honesty.

The message for all of us is to make sure that we are satisfied our cards are correct before they are handed in.
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