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Default A warning to fellow SWEFTA members

After an excellent league 1 shoot at East Devon on Sunday, I feel I must just issue a cautionary warning to my fellow SWEFTA members.
There have been some rule changes over the winter and I would just like to enlighten you as to how rigorously they are now being enforced.

On Sunday I shot the course and enjoyed every minute of it (including my hitting 33/40 equal top score & top AA score)
I checked my score card every few lanes and finally at the end of the shoot, saw my shooting partner correctly add up my score, write it on my card and sign it. I also saw him hand it in.
All good! I was handed the winning card for 1st in AA and I went home very pleased.


I did not pay enough attention!
What I had missed was the last cross, in the last box!
And so, although I'm now looking at a SWEFTA card which shows me winning the first 2011 SWEFTA league shoot,
I didn't win.
I didn't win because my score card was not correctly filled in and I did not ensure that it was!
Lesson learned.
Lesson painfully learned.
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