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Chris you done a great job and should be proud you had the courage to give it a go. Many people would have just turned their back on the situation but at least you gave the girl a fighting chance.

As you know, I work in the Electricity Supply Industry and as such we are highly trained in First Aid but it is still a nasty shock when the skills need to be put into practice.

It has happened to me twice now, a 6-year-old boy who was knocked down by a car (later proven to be travelling well in excess of 50mph by police) on a main road with 30mph speed limit. My experience was identical but sadly the boy passed away going to hospital some 45 minutes after the initial accident. The second was a 56-year-old man who had a massive heart attack and had stopped breathing. After giving CPR & mouth to mouth for over 15 minutes until paramedics arrived he was eventually taken to hospital, given an emergency triple heart bypass and survived to meet me 4 weeks later. That was the proudest moment of my life!

Yes, I was in despair after the first incident, even a few tears writing this thinking about it again. It will take time to get over Chris, I know what you are going through right now, so please give me a call if you want someone to talk to.

Best Regards, Tony
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