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Default Skills you never wish to use

Need to share this with my friends on Here so sorry its on airgun chat

One of our Foster placements Taxi's never turned up today so had to take him to school in Bridgwater, Me and Janet my wife decided to come back via the A38 instead of the motorway. In front of us was a Red Rover and we had just overtaken a Artic lorry on a 3 lane section just north of wellington and the Red Rover pulled away from me and we had a space of about 300yard between us, Just over the Devon Somerset border we both said whats that in the road, It turned out to be a young Girl 15-20 years old, She had stepped out into the road and got hit by the Rover, The scene was shocking with car parts and then the steady flow of blood started to run, At this point i was on phone to emergency services and we she was face down and totally unresponsive and not breathing, I was told by the operator to turn her onto her back and straighten airway by arching her head gently back then started compressions,So handed the phone to my wife, we could not get air into her due to severity of injury so its was then 20 minutes of chest compressions until a fast response paramedic arrived , I still had to carry on the compressions whilst they tried to get an airway in. They cut her top clothes away and she had nearly a full amputation of her right arm aswell, Then slowly all the services arrived including the Devon Air ambulance and I could back away and let the professionals take over, I am sat here now at home not knowing if she has survived or passed away and not knowing what to do or say, just feel like crying really being the big softy I am..... Just Hope I have given her a chance thats all.
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