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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Exactly, like everything JSB and Crossman do/did, its batch dependant.
Cant't agree more Jon. In fact, I've got a batch of mozzies that started off appailing... perhaps 25% of the tin with dinked skirts, varying from a flattened size to a tail resembling a clowns sleeve! But as I've gone through the batch they've got better and better, with hardly any discards to damage, and perhaps only 20% of the tin outside of 7.7-8.0. That said on the last tin I found one at 7.4 and another at 8.2... both looked identical.

I think it's demand related... a quietly selling pellet seems to be ok, but put in the shadow by a good performing batch of another... word spreads, everyone buys it, demand goes up and quality seems to sag... in the meantime the old pellet is still doing it's thing and can end up better than the more popular make of the moment.

The best pellet we had after a blind test was an AA Field from some time ago, and the 2nd one was a mozzie from some time ago...

As far as CofG is concerned, i don't think it would have too much to do with it because the spin rate is so high... but i'm sure, like the rest of aspects to do with ammo, an ideal and constant would help... but i think measuring the C 0f G is going to take a while.
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