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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I never bench rest, just dont feel right and found myself making windage adjustments at 20 yards.
Zero the thing indoors and leave it alone. Unless you are banging the thing around, it won't move.

Time and time again I hear people somehow think they can tell what wind should be taking on a plinking range... how? Most fight with trying to get the thing into 40mm at 55 yds, why do people insist on trying to be accurate to 2-5mm outdoors when they have no possible way of telling what the wind is actually doing?

All your looking for on a plinking range is that what you range agrees with what it should, and that your pellets land on a line at that range. Sod what the wind is doing there, it doesn't matter.

Even quite experienced shooters have had the idea they have moved, only to find back indoors it was bang on. Bisley is a classic for this on days were not even a fern tip moves yet it takes 40mm at 55 with ease.

If it's not going where you think it should, it's called the wind. Work with it rather than against it.

Zero it, look after it, leave the thing alone, shoot it.
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