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Default All this doom & gloom talk of air rifles being banned

Im frankly sick of it, the whole things one big scare munger , i cant see how the goverment can police it it just aint gonna happen , all this (anti tamper and fac stuff is the least of our worrys )talk its just depressing

end of the day a shot gun licsence is a only what 50 for five years so even if they said weve all got to have facs its hardly the end of the world is it . besides the goverments got bigger problems then a few thousend air gunners .

ban air guns ok then i will shoot 22 live
ban 22live ok the i will shoot shotguns
ban shotguns ok i will shoot bows
ban bows ok then i will shoot catapolt
ban catapolts ok i will throw stones

its just my take on it thats all moan over with now
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