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Default Follow your routine

Been reading the Tim Finley articles in airgun world and think the most important part of my "missing" is now not equipement releated, unless the pilot is equiped?

Routine and PMA.

That for me means starting with a suitable time on the zero range.

East Devon have a well laid out Zero range, but today the wind fairies were all over it when we sat down on the bench

That was mistake no 1 of 11
I never bench rest, just dont feel right and found myself making windage adjustments at 20 yards. Only did about 15 shots if that and was not totally happy going on to lane 1, but was posative. It was later pointed out i could have sat by the side of the bench

Lane 1, long one, 50+ . loads of wind L - R. Gave about 1.5 inch wind off 9 oclock only to see the pellet move only about an inch making the only chip to the paintwork on the left of the kill! Managed shorter target but by not much more than hit and hoper.
Not in routine and now wondering if i were shooting left after faffing on the zero range i lined up lane two. Miised the long one by giving too much wind again, stiking 9 oclock edge which is really annoying and then the "easy" 38 ish (i think) yarder where i went staight down the middle instead of % shooting and going inside edge.
Think I was 5 ex 10 before i started to dig in a bit, so at least I did something right and did not totally fall to pieces.
Missed two standers, the 44 yarder was a close "miss" (leas i heard a Dink) but was like a fart on the 30+ which i should have nailed.
Took all 4 kneelers and i went stright in on the 50 yard Kneeler, unlike Arms Dealer who knocked hard, lucky bugger did it another two times

Had two more edge of kills, a 3 o clock strike and again not in the "zone" range found another long one at 53 yards but dailed 51, struck edge at 6 o clock! Its been ages since i did that, at least a week!

Really enjoyed the day overall despite far more targets dropped than I think I should have had. Think 35 should have been achievable today but 30 was 3 off the top and not good enough, so some serious practise needed this week?
Might ditch the hat and move to Hoodie as I think i need to be less distracted by whats going on around me?
Must remeber Soft gun case too as we we caught during the gusts in aheavey shower, now while i did not getting wet it peed me off the REV having its first soaking!
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