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Thanks to all my fellow "East Devon" Ftc members for putting on a really enjoyable shoot today.
Very tough course using much of the Gp course from last year, well the first 40 targets but this time with some wicked wind, off plate was not unknown today on a longish course!
Great to have a nice shooting position and very impressed with he see saw Tree targets, who needs ladders.
I think all from Wales enjoyed and hope to be at some more Swefta shoots through the summer.

We really enjoyed the Standing / kneeling side shoot, good practice and a great laugh. Nice to see the shop there and the 2nd hand table which took lots of money from the Welsh! Unsurprisingly the food stall took most money from em!

Nice to catch up with you Tony and some other old friends, good to see the Smiths out in force today.
It was hard work following you Tony and judging where to drop shots, could not come into your neck of the woods and embarrass you first time out. In the then end I judged it to a tee, just giving you the 1 shot this time, team mate lol.

See you in a couple of three weeks.

Till then, a few snaps of the day.

Top of the pile today was Alec Gibbs, using the Sightron. Think Alec likes tis ground?

Been a few years since I saw a Shamal

Top Team AA today, but only for today, young Tony

Dont Think Kevin will mistake his ev2 for the others around

Very interesting way of getting targets up trees, the target was on a long arm that swings up into position and I can think of a few grounds where this would be a good addition

Topping the Welsh invasion was Arms Dealer who not only found an unexpected arms deal, but fluked the 5 prize money on the Stnading & kneeling side shoot. That after missig the plate on a stander in the comp!

Just like this

Air Ace Douglas Bader made an apperance, announcing his entrance with the words to score master "Grandad" Rees by saying "You wont need many "0" on my card today.

And he was right, apart from the 13 x 0!

Good bit of heel digging and I think title of Welsh shooter of the day to Young Jelly Fish. Not so much of the wobbles today but a disater on the start, finding the gusty wind really hard to deal with. However depsite missing the first 16 or so targets he ended up woith a creditable score of 14.

It was either Wind or hitting a target at last, Whatever it braught what FT is and should be about,
enjoying it and smilling

Standing, Arms dealer could not even take a photo without the shakes, let alone hit a target

Wish I had my Hft gun with me today, really like the Swefta approach to Hft.

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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