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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Cheers Andy.

Top course, very enjoyable. Did you enjoy the exercise up and down the line? I decided rather than call every target myself i'd share the fun and ask random people to do it instead, else i knew you'd just sit and watch me all the way around
Maybe I should withhold the 10 you got in the Bonus shot then . Will bring it up at the Showdown

Any Rob you missed the rain, unlike me and Clive who got soaked doing the 2nd half when it decided to chuck it down , which carried on until we had brought everything we needed to in and then the Sun came back out.

We will make a better job of it next time, will be servicing and checking all the targets over the next few months and then put out a more challenging one and maybe this time use the field again.

Glad you all enjoyed the day, hope Helen feels better soon. See you at the Showdown.
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