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Either way, I hope the book gets thrown at whoever is responsible.

Now's the time for the Scottish Judicary to show they have some teeth and make use of the laws that already exist. It's a firearms offence, now they should treat it as such.

It's quite clear that even if airguns were banned, you'd still get utter twats using them in such a manner because only the law abiding would hand them in, and the only thing i think that could discourage these idiots in that event is some good time indoors... at least then they'd not be in the public population to do it again.

It's difficult when events are still unravelling, but I hope the media shows the same vigour when a sentence is passed as they do reporting the event itself... i hope the injuries are minor at worst.

Hopefully the thinking behind the sentence handed out for the idiot that threw a fire extinguisher off a roof will find common ground here.
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