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I'm probably one of the few that can help you here. I shot a Platinum for a season and got to 5th in the UK's and 6th in the worlds. the 2 years before i shot a Steyr and also had a bit of success (UKAHFT champ 2008). I've now gone back to the Steyr.

The Platinum was very pellet fussy but once i started using JSB exact express the groups were great, in fact one of the best grouping rifles i have ever owned. The rifle was well balanced but had a slight kick on firing that you had to be wary of when resting the rifle directly against a hard surface. It took me a while to settle with the Platinum but i had no problems at all in the year i owned it. With the Platinum you can't work on it yourself and the electronics are always in the back of your mind. I also used to cluck about how much charge it had and kept wondering if it would go flat on me half way round a course. It never did and i got into a routine of re-setting the shot counter every time i charged it and when the counter got to 500 shots i would recharge and the re-set the counter.

The one thing that used to niggle me was how much wind the Platinum would take. I thought it was prdictable to a certain level then when the wind gusted the pellet movement was excessive to the point where it was a blind guess....maybe that had something to do with the lighter pellets though???

The Steyr is one of those rifles that just "fits" whenever i shoot it. It's easy to work on and now i've a reg checker on the way there isn't anything i can't do on my rifle. Accuracy is as good as my Platinum was although i think the Platinum would just hedge it with slightly better grouping, but not by much. I've shot the Steyr in all sorts of weather and i've only had it go wrong on me once. It needed a new reg which, bearing in mind it's an older LG100 (barley twist barrel) i didn't think was too bad, especially as HP changed the reg for free. The barley twist barrel is not pellet fussy at all but my friends that have the LG110's have to do a bit of pellet testing to find the right balance. One friend swears by 4.51 JSB's and another is using JSB exact express 7.9gr. The power is a doddle to set (external power adjuster) and once set stays where you want it to be. In my case 805fps with 7.9gr exact express.

So.....the only reason i switched back to the Steyr was the ease of maintenance. There's not a lot between them for fit, balance and accuracy. Oh, one important thing i forgot to mention...the trigger on the Steyr is much better than the Platinum, IMHO i don't think you can beat the feel of a mechanical trigger.

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