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Originally Posted by silver fox View Post
you can always tell when someone fires a steyr you can hear it in the next county i know they can be silenced and when they are they're quiet, but not many do, i know from our club steyr's are always in bits being cleaned, not so with the daystates,and if you have any probs with daystate the factory is only in the midlands,as for forgetting to charge up, well that happens to us all, just have to get in a routine once a month.
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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bias in my views but 7+yrs of Steyr ownership and I've only had one breakdown that wasn't fixable by myself says a lot about the reliability of a well maintained Steyr The basic strip and clean procedure is very simple and takes 30-45min and ensures that when travelling 200+ miles to a comp that everything is perfect, routine maintenence pays off with any gun Steyr, Daystate or otherwise

I've only had limited experience of a couple of Platinums and my personal opinion is the standard stock doesn't feel quite right, which others agree with and have had theirs modified. The gun also seems quite lively to shoot after shooting a Steyr, a definate sensation when the shot is fired, although not a bad thing I found it quite noticable. Although I'm sure they are superbly accurate, and potentially very reliable, I personally couldn't bring myself to own a gun which couldn't 100% rely on and thats why I stick with the Steyr...reliable, accurate, adjustable, simple to maintain...What more could you want from a gun?

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