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like vinny said, its all about the challenge, i'm too old to frighten any of you guy's now but i have enjoyed myself, after coming back to air guns only 3 years ago, after a very long break, i've had a win in the summer sussex league and met a great bunch of guy's, i've become a member of the club's team, last year i signed up to do all the U.K.s where the hell i got the nerve to do one i'll never know, i put that down to all shooters at all the comps i've ever done your all a great bunch of guy's, i've even had the nerve to put in for the worlds at kelmarsh this year ( i must be mad) one of the best times was overnghting at MAD if you have'nt, give it a go this year, but roger keep your clothes on. good luck to all in this coming season.
Its not the winning.( though it does help) ATB Alan.
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