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Default Choice...

I had an Airwolf which i really liked.
Bought it in .22 for hunting and got into HFT so had it converted to .177 by DS.
Its power was a bit low so they sorted that too. Had great service from DS, and other than me forgetting to charge the battery twice (charge lasts so long you do forget) it was great.
Im left handed so stock was ideal too.
At Xmas i bought a second hand Steyr Lg 110 Ft with HP stock.
Without going into detail i had it tuned and a few bits replaced by a local Steyr expert, and now its fantastic.
Im no natural shooter..but my scores are now improving almost every comp where as they were static.
Haven't picked up the wolf since.
I know the Wolf is different to the Plat..but still an electronic Daystate.
I have tried a Plat and it felt "familiar".
Try them both as has been said...i am sure either would be a fantastic choice.

MAD for it.

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I would like to agree with you....but then we would both be wrong !!
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