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Default Calling all Scottish HFT Shooters!

I have been contacted by the organisers of the UKAHFT series and offered the privileged to form a “club” team for the 2011 UKAHFT national series. This was in reply to a request which I put to them during the 2010 series for a team made up from all the Scottish clubs. Unfortunately it did not meet the Club Team rules requirements.

The organisers of UKAHFT have kindly agreed to offer Scottish shooters a dispensation to these rules which pertain to the Club teams that shoot at the nationals.

Normally for a club side, you all have to be a member of, and regularly attend, your home club.
Due to the geographic nature of the Scottish clubs we will be allowed to enter a team under the name of Team T.A.G. whereby any person from Scotland who wishes to attend a round of the UKAHFT national series will allow me (appointed Team Captain by UKAHFT but merely an administration role, I will not be selecting a team) to count their scores towards the team score for the day and they represent Team T.A.G.
Top 5 scores count and the club with the highest score on the day win’s the trophies (which are very nice) and has bragging rights until the next round!

I must have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 25. There is a fee of £1 per head which I will happily pay out my pocket, it’s the least I can do for being your representative.

Although we would have very little chance of winning the overall series, as I very much doubt we could attend every round, I am sure that we as a collective have more than enough depth to produce 5 good scores on any given day and perhaps win a round (Oh how sweet it would be to perhaps beat a Welsh or English club on their own ground). For anyone that hasn’t had the chance to attend a national event yet I can only encourage you to take part and have a go, you will not find a sport where you will be more welcomed.

It has been made perfectly clear to me by Mr Sparkes that this is not a “Scottish” team rather a team of members of united Scottish clubs and rightly so. This is about taking on the names of the “Big Boys” clubs like Quarry, M.A.D. etc and competing on level terms.

A lot of you will be aware of recent a recent sad event at my home club and I know that the formation of this team is something that Deon talked about whenever we rambled on in the car on our way down to or home from one of the Nationals.

As such I would love to see this happen if for no other reason than because I know he would have loved to have been part of this.

I believe that we now have the people north of the border to do this and upset the odds a bit.
So if you want to be part of this, let us put any previous differences aside and add your name below, the deadline for close of entries is the 1st of March and I must have the names to UKAHFT and appropriate fee before then.

If anyone wants to chat about this please PM me and I will give you my number.
Steve CochraneWalther LG300, Leupold MK4
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