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Default Update for tomorrow

Right then lads,

Myself and Doz have set up the course and it is looking good, ground is nice a firm and ready for the shoot tomorrow...

It is a 30 shot course with 2 targets per lane.

Plenty of mini kills put out, will be a damn good challenge for everyone.

Looking at the wind that was at the ground today, if its like that tomorrow all the best haahaa...

We have kept it to FT rules but put the mini kills out to HFT extreme ranges etc. So it will be fun for everyone to have a crack at....

All club members at the ground for 8 latest to pull strings etc and finishing touches, otherwise the penalty for being late is being the tea ***** for the day..........!!!!!!!!!!

Shoot to start at 10:00 - 10:30....

Berty (the enforcer)

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