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Dunno, but having been involved in rule discussions at BFTA level, a single word can take ages to sort because it gets pedantic.

So they tend to get left alone unless someone wants to stick their neck out and have hours of discussion about it, because generally everyone knows what they mean or are meant to mean.

Now, i am pointing fingers... if there was 1/2 the people who picked at words in rules that were willing to stand up and volunteer their time to sort them out, or start a marshalling position within the BFTA so it didnt fall into comp sec's or the rest of the board's hands, then there would be 1/2 the rules to pick at.

I can drive a bus through ISSF rules at olympic level which would mean every single person having won a medal for the past few years would be DQ'd and the WR stripped. It isn't difficult. The challenge isn't even coming up with the rules, because it's impossible to define every possibility. You define a measurment, how is it to be measured, to what accuracy, how is that calibrated, how is that certification carried out, how often, how is it enforced etc... that all isn't done even in ISSF, bore to centre of foresight is simply 60mm, it doesnt define what a foresight is, or what shape it is, or if you can have an odd one shaped so that the centre is 60mm off bore but the bit you look through is higher, cos generally everyone knows wtf their on about and falls in line. So perhaps the challenge is to generally draw a sensible line on what could do with updating, and finding a way to do it, and when they don't or are less important than other things given the resources available.

The foot over the line is a good example, it needs changing (but then that's my opinion). Yes the rules could do with a refresh, but if everyone knows how a GP is to be run, then all we have to do is keep running it that way, and look to improve the shortfall in the areas as we see them. Otherwise we'll spend more time pointing out the shortfalls than putting targets down... believe me, when it takes 9 hours of journey to do 8 hours of meeting potentially talking about 1-2 words, 3-4 times a year, and there's only ear ache about another rule afterwards, you kind of lose the will to live, let alone raise the subject again
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