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Shaun i think this is probably the first time all the rules have been put up together maybe we just need them tidying up, there was actually a vote 5 maybe 6 or more years ago to see which marshalling system would be used that is why i was so supprised to see The offending item (In my opinion) about lane marshallls it was the bit about these are the rules for 2011 that was the biggest concern.

There was a vote a couple of years ago, to collate and tidy them. I think somewhere along the line, it lost momentum due to trying to cater for every possible interpretation.

I'm sure if presented to the board, they would welcome the effort of someone willing to do it... but that person/s had better be well bulletproof to all the possible nitpicking of their effort... i had a bash with the chrono test procedure, and i lost days of my life to that one rule about 3 strikes and how its carried out... yet we all know what it means, 3 goes and you either are under or not... and we know what a go means as well... dunno... my brain shrinks at the thought of it to be honest...
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