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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Simon, as Steve said that used to be the way GPs were marshalled.

The rules for Lane Marshalling have been updated in Jan 2011 because Jono Noon is the new chair and his name goes on the bottom of them.

I have never known them used, but I'm only young!

I think that the new format for displaying the rules and regs is a lot better than before and perhaps people are noticing something because it has 2011 on it. The 2011 only refers to the fact that it was updated.

For the GP series only the previously discussed rules, high vis jackets and foot over the line have changed from last year.

Hi shaun the rules clearly read as above i know it might be MY interpritation BUT that is what it says in the rules which our sport is governed by and as MR Daniels says "There are rules you know"
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