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Hya Guys,

a big thank you to all you guys that have taken part in this over the weekend, and a bif thank you to the administraotr allowing us to do this.

the reason for this survey as we are talking to Air Gun Manufacturers about advertsing in the magazine Target Shooter as they had this view that none of you were interested anf you have proved themn wrong. I have also been running the same survey with people that have subscribed to the magazine and i am happy to say that almost 60% are air gun readers. The magazine tries to all types of target shooting and air rifle is a big part of that withing the UK.
We have a club that is doing a feature on them selves and if you have a club that you would like to do the same to help promote it, then get in contact with us as we want to make this a regular feature in the magazine.
All that are involved in the magazine are shooters in one type or another, Target Sports was stopped for what ever reason, we are just carrying it on as we know that guys like you enjoyed the magazine to some degree and we hiope thast we meeting the mark with you guys.

once again a big thank you from the team.
Target Shooter Magazine
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