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Red face

Originally Posted by steg View Post
Spied 'Calps at his secret training camp deep in the heart of Yorkshire today.If anyone is thinking of making a bet on him for the 'sillie's'...DONT...Simon H whupped him on every practice round.Has the man finally lost his game?....more to follow....

ps Andy that face cammo didn't fool me I knew it was you
Hiya stevie , good to see you at emley today matey . have you been away as you looked really tanned & in good health ?
Yes i know what you were thinking as we were having a tussle or two on the racks but as andy explained to me on the journey home , you can sometimes have an off day when attempting to take head shots at the silhouettes .
I know he does'nt go on here & he has hinted to me that his form has dipped of late & between you & me i am worried about his mind set as i wouldnt know what to do if he took a break from shooting as he is inspirational to me .
All the best si .

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