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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
yes like hughie said free floated my ev2 mk1 hated it sprayed em all over , put back to normal no trouble at all .
Probably because the barrel fixing is not up to supporting a floating barrel. Hence why I did the modifications that Rich alluded to. unlike the Pro-Target which retains the barrel by two M5 grub screws bearing directly on the wall of the barrel and two M5 screws into the shroud, the EV2 screws do the following forward screw retains the conical shroud, middle screw on the barrel itself, rear screw bears on the brass breach seal carrier. So the barrel itself is only retained by one M4 grub screw that bears on the barrel directly.

In my modification of adding the two extra M5 barrel support screws in a radial pattern and changing the forward screw for an M5 screw bearing directly on the steel of the barrel, means the action is now capable of properly supporting a floated barrel, where the original pathetic three M4 grubscrews in a single plane weren't. Post modification I am very happy with the way my EV2 performs and there is no way I would change it back to factory specification.

Originally Posted by holly View Post
Funny enough . my NJR which i just floated the barrel on . will have none of it . they go every where . but when i tried to put the shroud back on , i found that the filler valve had been put back upside down . so the little hole is on the other side . ooohhhhwerr missus ??? HOLLY
The 100 series doesn't seem to like being fully floated. However the substantial one piece body tube of the 100's does also seem to be far more stable than the lightweight cylinder of the EV2.

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