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bearing in mind how many dies there are for the manufacture of the same pellet, just think how many mandrells etc there are for making the barrels?

My HW100 has a fetish for Mossies, batch number does'nt seem to matter too much as long as they are Mossies!
tried batch 36 and 40 Express through it but it simply wont group as well, yet put Express in my HW77 and whilst the group size is consistent with Mossies the drop is less and the wind drift is less?

same manufacturer, same caliber, similar length barrel, different results!

the best groups I have seen in my HW100 was with Falcon accuracy (JSB RS) and that was very impressive 9mm at 55yds in still air, problem is they then went to hell in a basket as soon as the wind picked up!
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