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Default Stigmarta

Interesting day at tondu today.

Fancied a chill so took the REV out for some practice and pellet testing.

Started with a cleaning of barrel as my sieve like memory could not recall the last session. Barrel seemed dirty so probably a wise choice

Ran about 20-30 pellets down the range then did some groups.

55 yards and with a swirling wind which was almost impossible to read, but got some results thats something can be taken from, that being how different Express dai / batches work in this barrel.

Kind Mr.Kilty sent me some dai 19 and dai 40 Express to test. So today i put the dai 19,40, 36, 35 and sized 35 (sized to 4.50) onto the boards.

Started with the 4.50 sized dai 35. all 5 struck between centre and bottom of kill, so low in effect though no knockdown would have stayed up.

Decided I would try the dai 36. Nice tight group, 5p size, but as last time i tested them very low strikes. At 55 yards all dropped below edge of kill, way low! Later weighed them and weight is fine, 7.9 on avg so no idea why these drop?

Tried the Dai 19. Now these are the worst quality Express I have seen. loads of crushed skirts. However, found enough to do a group with the same results as dai 36, all dropping low to about edge of kill!

Dai 40. Much better, height spot on and apart from the odd gust, pellets going exactly where i put them. There were danaged ones in the tin, but no where near as many as dai 19.

So, the results showed my sized pellets dropping low and Dai 40 working the best. Pity i only have half a tin of dai 40!

Not happy, I opened a new tin of dai 35.
Straight from the tin the results were bang on. Height fine and good grouping.

So, sized a few to 4.52 and again a good group and no real drop.

so, it muight be a case the REV either likes them straight from the tin which were my finding first time i tested pellets a few weeks ago, or perhaps some more testing with sized 4.52 is needed rather than 4.50?

Might try the Holly Grail NJR's dai 60 in it too, just for comparrison.

Now the bad news.

At times shots were dropping very low it seemed. Low enough to make me wish i had a chrono. Thankfully i did not have one so just shot thinking it could well have been the Tondu wind playing tricks, my poor follow through ??

I do have grease coming from the reg area. As its a red colour at first I thaught it was some sort of Stigmarta, the REV being blessed etc.l
Spoke to John and thats not unusuall on one of his newly serviced guns but I also thaught i was not getting many shots per charge.
So, despite the gun on the whole shooting very well (with the right pellets) it might need to go back and have a seal checked or so i am told.
Shall see how it holds pressure over night.

Not totally unhappy as if its shooting this well and its broke, just think how much more MEGA it would be if working

Standers and kneelers were no problem today, apart from a text message on one stander. Really is a nice rig this
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