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Very pleased with my Sightron. Criteria after I sold my VX3 were vari mag, shallow dof and good clarity optics and around 1200 in that regard the S3 ticks the boxes.

I got the moa fine cross hair which is as per that in a standard Leup Comp, very fine indeed but it does have a fairly narrow fov so a less busy ret works well (personally I see no point in mildots in th 2nd focal plain at high mag). There is a new mil ret due which might be worth a look and the 2011 models will have improved tactical turrets, current version has turrets as per Big Nikko 3 but more positive clicks.

Clarity is excellent I had a really good Nikko 3 for a short while but this is better, equal if not better to top end bushnell and that's in the higher mag range at x30 its brighter than the bushnells I've had. Dof is unreal, I'm using a 4" wheel which speaks for itself, some would prefer 5" for bigger gaps but 4 does the job for me. I don't think I have used a scope with such a shallow dof it's exceptional and so far very repeatable. Set it up in -1 and although had slightly limited time to test it's not moved as yet. Also ranges exactly the same on 40 as it does 50 a very useful trait.

Mine comes down to just under 12yrds at full mag, 10 yards is clear at 10 mag and if it's out of focus i know it's 8 or 9, I'm not planning to get a 50' for the time being.

Downsides it is big, the sunshade is absurdly heavy (4oz I think), 1/8 " clicks although plenty of adjustment per turn, i dont like turret covers but that will be solved by the new version.

Got mine in the Jan sale from Aim, great service, comes with front and rear flip ups, one of those large branded dust cloths, white cotton gloves and they threw in a cap, sunshade was extra.

Based on what you are after it kind of meets your spec, only other option is second hand PR leup.
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