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The official NEFTA pistol rules on the site, such as they are, are here - down the bottom under pistol rules, don't get confused with the silhouette rules

Pistol Rules

1. All shots are to be taken standing

2. The targets should be lollipop style, any shape silhouette is permitted but the faceplate must not exceed 5" by 3".

3. One or two hand extended arm grip must be used.

4. Open sights, pistol scopes or red dot sights are allowed.

5. All pistols must comply with the legal power limit in force at the time of the event.
I set out the course at Guiseley this winter league and I was told max distance 20m (22 yards) so that's what I set to, but I'm not sure how accurate that it as I know I've shot at targets further than that.
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