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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
The pros are it cleans everything from your pellets

The Cons are it eats the pellets also or at least mine did when I tried using it to wash pellets, the resulting pellets after 60secs had little holes on the surface
It's what I was concerned of but did wonder if one designed to clean jewellery, dentures, glasses, etc might be more gentle? I'm guessing they run at a lower frequency?

Originally Posted by griggzy View Post
hi vin mate i got a ultrasonic cleaner i used to use it for cleaning my tattoo machine nozzles and tips . ive never used it for washing pellets but id b happy to lend it to you mate so you can give it a try , il bring it to you the next shoot we both at if you want , let me know mate

That would be spot on mate Will probably be round 1 of the UKs but I'm in no major rush, just something I fancied experimenting with Cheers
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