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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
shocking... it's been a while since i've missed 19, and i think that was on a GP course where there were 50 targets... come to think of it, it was only 18... same region though, and far worse weather...

glad he's not in team walther...
Sort of reminds me of 2 events that took place in 1997.

A bit of practice went to a 50 shot Open and Nomads FTC just outside Pertersfield. Just enjoyed the days shooting missing only 3 in total scoring a respectable 47. Only issue was next score was a 44. So there was me thinking 'Everything is good roll on GP next week'

Next week arrives I hit a total of 18/40 the misses included 14 splits of which only 1 went down. Conditions were slightly worse than the week before.

The joys of FT the ups and downs of it all.
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