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I have shot at Germany, England, Poland, N. Ireland and Hungary.
From memory the smallest killzone I have shot at was 12mm (either in Germany or Poland, can't remember)
Most kneelers on a course was 8, most standers was 6.
7m was the closest target and AFAIK 58yrds was the furthest.
Hungary had the most reduced kills at 50% (not a problem as there was little to no wind)
I quite enjoyed the reduced kills used in compulsory lanes in Hungary (I think there were a few in Germany also).

I think it would be good to get all the rules from al the nations to take a look at and see where the similarities and differences are, and make a head start in a set of commen rules. I believe the rules should be along the lines of what is permittable in regards to course layout and not be every course must have, must do etc as the different cultural aspect of each countries take on FT is what keeps it interesting and adds to the experience.
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