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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Braught one of Woodys Muffins home to Wales as a sort of trophy, but I eat it !

Will we be seeing you travelling around for the Bfta shoots Helen, the inters, Gps etc?

Hope so, been trying to get my Wife to take an interest in Ft so I can say, "here, baught an Ev2 in another GC stock for you to match mine"

Its not working lol

Anyway, hope you make it out and about this summer.

Team "I`m a lady you know" for gp series
I will indeed be shooting most if not all the summer shoots..... so far have plans for the inter's, GP's and SWEFTA shoots..... Not to mention Euskadi Spain and the worlds in Italy..... It will be a busy summer.....

I had better find time to practice too!!!! Oh and most importantly time for a Holiday....

Look forward to seeing you on my travels in the summer months.....
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