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Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot today.... was almost as good as the Bucc's (Im not biased in the slightest!!!)

The cakes were a close second too.... loved the muffins.... am reminded of the below the belt muffin jokes also.... Terry..... James..... Alan...... I am sweet and innocent and such innuendo's go straight over my head

I know my range finding was spot on as the verticals were good (finding a positive from the day), just the left to right movement caused probs..... if the aim of the game was to hit the target consistantly 1mm shy of the kill Id have won with my eyes closed.... god damed wind!!!

Looking forward to Carisbrooke.... will be aiming for a good score there.....

As this is my first winter league I have to say I have really enjoyed not only the shooting but getting to know all you chaps and chapesses..... That said, no prisoners will be taken on my mission to claim a trophy........

See y'all in a few weeks.....
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