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Default Rules

Thanks Pete !

Me ? Well, being 50+ brings it's own little quirks. Getting up in the morning makes me laugh (if I don't laugh I'd cry..). The brain is wide awake at 6.30ish, but seems to take a good half hour to get the message through to the rest of me I feel a bit like the tin man in the Wiz of Oz (oh ... that'd be you haha..) - ahem ! sorry ... I'm pretty much stiff all over, except where I should be (upper lip people, upper lip !...) The love life - well, I must admit it's much easier with Aussie foreplay too these days.. you know..."brace yerself Shiela"..and .."don't let me keep you awake".....

Has scrumpy turned you into an FT machine now then ?

Cheers !


Here's my rules proposal..

1) Now lads - there's 50 targets out there,. They're all 40mm kills. Shoot'em in number sequence and don't take more than 1 minute per target or a hit won't count. Wear what you like, except bondage gear, or owt that resembles it. The dafter the hat, the better. Point the gun over the line or straight down. Oh yeah ! if your guns over the 12 - pack up and go home. The winner is the one with the best excuse for missing the 8 yarder.
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