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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Point I am making is that it is not purely a UK sport any more. Growth is a double edged sword.
Nobody is suggesting FT is purely a UK sport, you might have noticed that the BFTA have recently changed their rules more in line with what some of the other countries are doing so we aren't exactly trying to force you to follow our rules are we.

Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
The voting bloc majority of the UK Nations which effected the 12 ft/lbs rule no longer exists within WFTF. That abrupt change is still in the back of many RGB minds.
I didn't realise that England, Scotland & Wales had the clout to force a change in the Core rules for all shoots after the US Worlds, did every other nation disagree

It does seem that the "UK Nations" as you call them have upset someone lets hope the Worlds competitions don't suffer due to this attitude
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